• The biggest
    Breakthrough in cellular health
    Active, hydrating, and energizing
    H9 Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water
  • Billions of
    years in the making
    Before now, structured water only existed
    within glacial ice, newborns and healing
    springs around the world
  • Real Science
    Not watered-down hype
    One of the most powerful anti-oxidants
    Critical for cellular health and repair
    Up to six times better absorption than ordinary water
  • Structured Health
    Structured wealth
    H9 is the next generation of water
    Share it with the world and make a difference
    Elevate your joy of living

UPDATE (10.23.14)

We are pleased to report that we’ve been experiencing an outpouring of positive feedback and overwhelming support around H9 Water. So we want to know, what changes have you personally discovered in your daily fitness and well-being since you started drinking H9? Please take this brief survey and share your results.

UPDATE (10.03.14)

1) Check out our new Website! We will continue to provide updates here, as well as accept pre-registrations for our launch—simply visit the Join Us tab.
2) We are extending our “soft launch” date to a full national launch date targeting mid-January 2015 (more details to come)
3) Beginning mid-October, we will start weekly conference calls to provide updates and grow pre-registrations! We will send both email blasts and provide call in details here.
4) We have received our first production version of the new H9 water packaging (it’s awesome) and we will be in full production mode in the next three weeks. There are a lot more exciting announcements we will release next week. Thanks for all your support— we have DOUBLED our pre-registration list in the last 30 days. Get in on the ground floor NOW.